Valentines Treats For All

I am wearing a Maje Dress & Stuart Weitzmann boots| Mila wears dress and shoes from

Happy Wednesday! In the next few blog posts I am going to be focusing on all things Valentines. I don’t know if I have ever shared my personal story of how I met my husband but I will do that on the actual day 🙂

In the meantime I have put together a little gift list – for him, her and baby! I mean I personally think that Valentines is a day when we should celebrate all the people we love. I have never felt so loved up as I do right now with my own little family. We often lie in bed the three of us and have cuddles and think that we are the luckiest people in the world. And then we realise that universally everyone with a baby must feel this way. We feel complete and having a baby bonded my husband and I in an entirely new way. I am a massive romantic but even I feel that going out for dinner to a restaurant on Valentines day is a big NO NO. I am sure I have shared this with you before but years ago when we first got together my husband took me to a Michelin star restaurant for dinner on Valentines night and it was the opposite of romantic. It just feels fake and overpriced. Literally everyone in the restaurant had the same food and the same roses. So we decided together from that moment on that Valentines will be  the one night we DON’T go out for dinner. However, I do believe in giving gifts, dressing up and making an effort to celebrate each other. I just prefer to spend the evening at home with my husband and cook for him (a rare occasion as I am the first to admit I am an awful cook so this is a real treat for him – or not. Depends how the food turns out I guess)

I do love to dress up on the night but I also love to wear a beautiful dress whenever possible so I have put together some of my favourites that are a little bit “Valentines” themed. Including the gorgeous Maje one I am wearing. Yes it might be a little cliche to wear red for the occasion but what is sexier than a little red dress? Loving pink too at the moment and this H&M one is an absolute gem of a find at £24.99.

If you fancy getting yourself a little gift for Valentines or perhaps dropping a not so subtle hint to your other half, here is a round-up of my favourite gifts for us ladies!

And for the men because I don’t know about you but my husband is the most amazing person in my life, the most incredible daddy and he definitely deserves a treat or two!

And lastly I have done a little edit of my favourite dresses available from (where I buy most of Mila’s clothes!) because why should our babies not dress up for Valentines week too! You know I am ALL about themes and twinning with Mila so what better occasion than Valentines. Its always so exciting when the new season styles come in and there are SO many cute styles to choose from including the pink dress she is wearing which you can shop here. And her shoes with the little hearts are insanely cute (not to mention that Easy Peasy are in my opinion the best shoes for babies from a design & comfort perspective!) – shop them here.

  1. Pink cotton dress – shop here 
  2. Pink dress with frilled sleeves – shop here
  3. Blue & gold striped dress – shop here 
  4. Pinafore dress in gingham – shop here 
  5. Floral dress with bow- shop here 
  6. Knitted pink dress (as worn by Mila) – shop here 
  7. Pink dress with flowers – shop here
  8. White embroidered dress – shop here 
  9. Bright coloured floral dress – shop here
  10. Pink girls dress – shop here 

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