Postcards From Lake Como…

IMG_7538 IMG_7551 IMG_7552 IMG_7659 IMG_7667 IMG_7675 IMG_8017 IMG_8026 IMG_8118 IMG_8129 IMG_8231 IMG_8256 IMG_8270 IMG_8272 IMG_8398 IMG_8487 IMG_8513 IMG_8520 IMG_8714 IMG_8788 IMG_8792 IMG_8855 IMG_8857 IMG_8859The Fashion Bug’s Story: I know that the majority of my posts focus on me and my outfits (and I will be posting more of those soon don’t worry!) but today I wanted to share something a little different with you – my picturesque photographs of Lake Como.

We had decided a while ago that we wanted to do a “minimoon” after the wedding, and have our honeymoon at a later date (in December.) Europe is so beautiful in the summer, so it seemed like a waste to go somewhere further away. Solution? Spend a week in Italy straight after Ibiza. Italy is one of my favourite destinations in Europe – its visually stunning (omg the colours!!), overflowing with history and culture, and has some of the best food I have ever eaten (you have to forget about dieting & exercise.) We also wanted something relaxing away from a big city, so for our first stop we decided on Lake Como. And once we had decided this, I knew we had to stay at Villa d’Este.

It certainly did not disappoint. The grounds are every bit the Italian dream with flowers and manicured lawns everywhere you look. And the lake itself…definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. I would recommend getting a boat for a day as you really get to see the lake properly that way. We booked a private boat to take us from the hotel to the town of Bellagio and back. An added bonus was the fact that our captain was born in the area and he was more than happy to impart all of his knowledge to us. He also knew who all the biggest houses belonged to (including of course George Clooney’s!) and had a great story to tell us about each one.

Neither of us are very good at just relaxing – we love to be busy and we are both very sociable so to just sit by a pool and relax doesn’t come naturally. But after a few days of chilling out by the iconic floating pool at Villa d’Este, I really couldn’t complain. My favourite part of the day? Definitely our aperitivo before dinner. Sitting in the courtyard of the hotel, people watching whilst listening to the live classical piano music was pure bliss.

The Fashion Bug’s Tips for Lake Como:

Stay: At Villa d’Este.

Dine: At Harry’s Bar. Hands down my favourite restaurant.  Columbetta in Como has great food but it lacks atmosphere. And Il Gatto Nero has fantastic views (make sure to request a table on the balcony) but the food was less impressive. The Grill at Villa d’Este was also wonderful – I would recommend having the Miascia cake for dessert.

Visit: Como itself – its a 15 minute drive from the hotel. And as previously mentioned make sure you get a boat for a day to take you round the lake.

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