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Happy Friday!

I wanted to write a very practical post today. As many of you that follow me know I have another Instagram account @thefashionbugblogclothessale where I sell clothes and accessories that I have decided to part with and of course I love it when some of you end up buying them (and even more when you send me a pic of you wearing something of mine!) I just uploaded some new styles yesterday and many of them have sold already. However last month I decided that in addition to this I needed to try something else because I simply don’t have the space to keep everything (especially with another baby on the way!) and so I took quite a few bags of clothes to my local charity shop and decided that I would try selling the more special designer pieces with a company called Rebelle. Rebelle is a German company selling pre-loved luxury and designer fashion. I came across Rebelle because when I spoke at the Sheerluxe Fashion Panel back in March, one of the women on my panel actually worked at Rebelle (her talk focused on buying a pre-loved investment bag such as a Chanel or Hermes and actually she has kindly given me a few tips on how to spot a fake bag which I’ve included below if any of you are interested in that!) It was perfect timing because I was thinking about which company to use and she was so lovely and made it sound so easy so I decided to go with them. And its worked out so well – I have sold so many of my items already and ultimately thats what you want right? For your items to sell! Nothing worse than using a company and then your items just sitting there doing nothing for months on end. So for those of you who are interested in selling pre-owned pieces here is what you need to know:

What is Rebelle? 

Rebelle is a leading marketplace to sell and buy pre-loved luxury and designer fashion. Every piece that is sold through REBELLE is checked by a team of experts for authenticity and quality before it is sent to the customer in beautiful packaging.

How does selling work?

There are three options:

-You can either upload the pieces you want to sell to the website yourself and keep them at your home until they are sold. You simply take a few pictures and use the self- selling form. All your pictures will be re-worked to take out anything in the background. This is the cheapest option, where you just pay a commission once the pieces are sold and you can keep on wearing the items in the meantime.

-The second option is to use their Concierge Service. You simply fill in a quick form, stating the brand, a short item description and the price you want to sell it for (eg. Balmain, blue blazer, £450). Then you get a pre-paid shipping label to send it to us and we take care of professional photos, descriptions, storage, etc. If for any reason we can’t take one of the pieces (holes, stains, etc. ) or can’t agree on the pricing, we’ll send the pieces back to you free of charge. We ask for a service fee of £13 per item in addition to the commission, which you only pay when the items sell. These items are marked as “read to ship” on our website and tend to sell a bit faster, as customers know they’ve already been checked for quality/authenticity and are already available in our warehouse.

-The last option is our Personal Fashion Concierge Service, where one of the team comes to your home and collects any items you want to sell. We’ll have a chat about the condition of the items and possible pricing. This is a VIP service for customers who have a lot of pieces, very little time and/or high value items. Currently in the UK it’s only available in London.

Why use Rebelle?

-They are super efficient. I used the last option and it took about 1 hour to go through my items with one of the girls and she left with them and that was literally ALL I had to worry about. All the rest they take care of and I have sold so many pieces already within a few weeks.

-There’s no risk – every piece is checked for quality and authenticity before it reaches the buyer.

-They have very high quality standards – they will get in touch with the buyer if the item is not as described, with more info and pictures, so you can step back from the purchase. They also reject any pieces that don’t meet their quality standards.

-Everything is wrapped in beautiful packaging before it is sent to the buyer – after all you are still purchasing a luxury product and they want to give you that luxurious, happy feeling, when your new treasure arrives!

-For sellers they guarantee your payment and they send you back any items that are rejected free of charge if you’ve used their Concierge Service

-They promote your pieces regularly in their newsletters and have a massive network of fashion lovers from all across Europe who love buying from them.

Can’t recommend them enough so for anyone who wants to either sell their pre-loved pieces or buy pre-owned luxury items, check them out here xx

Tips on spotting a fake handbag:

-Check the weight of the bag.

– Serial numbers: are they there, are they in the right place, etc.

– Logo & Typography: check the embossing for inconsistencies or strange gaps between letters, check the logo stitching.

– Lining: fakes are often copied from pictures, so check the lining is the correct shade and fabric.

– Accessories: the bag itself might be a good copy, but check if the colour or typography on the dust bags is correct and check the colour of the authenticity cards.

– General: check for high quality workmanship: does the bag seems sturdy, is the stitching regular, do the zips seem flimsy, what does the bag smell like?

That’s all from me! Have a fabulous weekend all of you. We are planning a little staycation for next weekend somewhere just my husband and I. We are off to Italy as a family for two weeks in the beginning of September so as much as I would have loved to have gone back to Ibiza for a weekend it just didn’t make any sense so we are doing a romantic weekend here instead. Any hotel ideas are welcome 🙂 xx

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