Silver Linings…

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River Island Skirt | COS Sweater | Gianvito Rossi Heels | Chanel Bag | Illesteva Sunglasses

Stretchy pencil skirts have found a special place in my heart. Or at least in my wardrobe. I mean they are literally a pregnant woman’s dream! As someone who is absolutely obsessed with clothes, pregnancy has certainly provided me with challenges in terms of finding things to wear that make me feel and look good. And the bigger the bump gets the more difficult it will be.

Having a blog has allowed me to share my feelings and voice my opinions and I like to be really honest about both, otherwise what’s the point in sharing them? And what I feel at the moment is that as exciting as pregnancy and the thought of having a baby are, dealing with an ever-changing body is hard. Like really hard. Especially when its your first baby and you are not used to it. I always looked at pregnant women and thought how amazing they looked; I mean who doesn’t think a bump is cute? But now that I am pregnant myself (and maybe its the crazy amount of hormones going through my body) I am not sure I find it all that cute. Perhaps selfish, but its how I feel. For so long now I have been used to having my body look a certain way. I workout, I know what foods agree with me and I certainly know what clothes look good on me. And now suddenly my body is changing every single day and its not even as if the weight is evenly distributed. I still look like myself elsewhere but I have this extra curve (albeit one that serves a very important purpose!) to think about when putting together an outfit. However this isn’t to say that looking stylish whilst pregnant is impossible, it just requires a bit more thought.

I have always found that wearing a pencil skirt with heels immediately makes me feel sexy and now I have discovered that it works just as well during pregnancy – you just need to find one that is made from a stretchy fabric that will comfortably sit over your bump. I bought this sequinned River Island one from ASOS before my bump even started to show but only slipped it on for the first time the other day and I was amazed with the result. Although my day-to-day looks are generally quite understated, I find that adding a bit of a sequin always works wonders especially when you pair it with something very casual to give your look that contrast of textures. Why not give it a try? xx

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