Staying Power…

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Ganni dress | Stuart Weitzmann boots | Chanel bag.

I’ve always been a fan of minimalist style. From my home to my clothes down to the jewellery I wear – I prefer simple “clean” looks over anything else. My Finnish roots and Scandinavian upbringing might be to blame, but I really do believe that less is more. Sure every once in a while I will work a bold print or some sequins into my look, but day-to-day I am all about more toned down pieces. And for me this means that time and time again I opt for a LBD. The magic of a “little black dress” is that you can wear it for practically any occasion, winter or summer. You can dress it up or down and if you find a favourite you can even wear it over and over again and if you change the rest of the outfit, no one will ever know. But because the LBD works so well, it also means that however many I have, I am always convincing myself that my wardrobe could do with just one more! Enter the Ganni “Santa Monica” dress: the dropped waist, frill details and deconstructed shape create a winning combination of classic and modern rolled into one. I definitely didn’t need another one, but I believe that the little black dress is the one item that will ALWAYS have staying power and therefore how could I possible say no? xx

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