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 I wanted to focus today’s post on my pregnancy essentials so I have created a shopping guide. This includes beauty products, clothes, shoes and a few random bits. I chose not to include books because to be honest I think pregnancy is such an individual experience and even though I bought lots of books in the beginning, for me personally taking each day at a time and learning through doing works best.


Lets start with clothes: I avoid maternity wear as much as possible so many of the items I have included can be worn by any of my followers who aren’t pregnant! I own all of the dresses I have included at the bottom and plan on wearing these during and after pregnancy. Hatch is a brand I found on Net-a-porter and although technically I guess it is a maternity brand, I was not even aware of this when I bought my first piece and will certainly continue to buy pieces from them post birth. Any of you who follow me on Instagram know that I love the brand The Great. This is not a maternity brand but as many of the pieces are really over-sized they work throughout all three trimesters. Also Tibi tops are wonderful – I loved them before I was pregnant and now just buy them a bit bigger in a US size 4. There are plenty of high-street versions too (including an ASOS top I wore yesterday that you can see on my Instagram.) I own the Tibi off-shoulder top in literally every colour. It fits perfectly over my bump and looks great with some skinny trousers. Speaking of trousers, you really need to find a pair that are comfortable and work for you. Personally I really don’t like maternity jeans. Initially I got some amazing ones from A Pea In The Pod at Harrods (that I wrote about on my blog a while ago) as well as lots of pairs from the high-street but I find that they all fall down and just aren’t very comfortable. So I prefer leggings and my latest find – the Stable Pants from Hatch. Also Splendid is a great brand for trousers for both during and post-pregnancy – to shop my favourite pair click here.

You might be alarmed when you see the Spanx in my list and attractive they certainly aren’t. But it is worth getting a pair or two! The material over your bump is soft and stretchy and not at all Spanx-like so they don’t squeeze or harm your baby in any way. Some women might be totally put off by these but I find that once in a while its nice to use them for a special occasion underneath a tight dress.

A big flopsy pillow is a must – my sister-in-law introduced me to it and I couldn’t live without mine. I can only sleep comfortably if I have something in between my knees and this is a miracle worker. As is apple cider vinegar. I have had a relatively easy pregnancy but I do get really bad heartburn and this is a natural remedy that actually works. Take a small teaspoon of it whenever you feel you need it and the heartburn disappears within 15 minutes! Mamma Mio products are amazing – I think you are either prone to stretch marks or not but regardless if this actually works it smells so good and is a lovely moisturizer for the skin. As is the Creme De La Mer face cream which I couldn’t live without. I also included a yoga mat in my essentials. I have continued to work out regularly (often with a personal trainer) but as every pregnancy is different this might totally not be your thing. But you might want to at least try some stretching at home (or attending a yoga class!) If you are used to being active I promise it will make you feel good throughout your nine months. Also regular manicures are thoroughly recommended in my opinion. I prefer to go to a salon and have mine professionally done (I use shellac and again some women might decide to stay completely away from this but there is no evidence it is bad for your baby) but you can also buy some beautiful nail polish colours (I love Chanel’s range) and do it yourself at home.

And last but not least – shoes! As most of you know by now my biggest indulgence is shoes. I have been lucky (thus far!) in that my feet haven’t grown or swollen so I do like to wear heels but I find that there are days I just need to wear something more comfortable. If flatforms are your thing then these Stella McCartney ones are a no-brainer, or you can opt for wedges that give you height but also some stability (how cute are these Dolce & Gabbana ones?) If you really don’t want any heel then go for some trainers – I love Nike and Isabel Marant.

If there is anything that I missed out then you can blame it on the baby brain (yes it’s actually a thing!) and I would love for you to share your pregnancy essentials with me. Click on the links below to buy my essentials.

Wishing you all a lovely evening xx

Big Flopsy pillow – buy it here

Creme de la Mer face cream – buy it here

Mamma Mio products  – buy it here and here

Pregnacare  – buy it here

Apple cider vinegar  – buy it here or at any local supermarket

Lulu Lemon yoga mat  – buy it here

Tibi blue top  – buy it here

Tibi white top  – buy it here

Isabel Marant trainers  – buy it here

Nike trainers  – buy it here

Castaner espadrilles  – buy it here

Dolce & Gabbana wedges  – buy it here

Stella McCartney star flatforms  – buy it here

Hatch khaki jumpsuit  – buy it here

The Great pink top  – buy it here

Hatch stable leggings  – buy it here

Hatch peach dress  – buy it here

The Great denim dress  – buy it here

See by Chloe white dress with blue flowers  – buy it here

Zara blue & white stripe off shoulder dress –  – buy it here

Self Portrait cream pleated maxi dress  – buy it here

Maje black off shoulder top  – buy it here

Chanel nail polish  – buy it here

Pregnancy Spanx  – buy it here

Topshop maternity jeans  – buy it here

Paige Denim black ripped maternity jeans  – buy it here

Sweaty Betty leggings  – buy it here

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