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The Great Dress | Christian Louboutin Heels | Illesteva Sunglasses | Saint Laurent Bag

Morning all! So the stripey dress I wore the other day got really great feedback on Instagram which got me thinking about stripes and how they are universally loved. I literally don’t know anyone who doesn’t own at least one stripey top, and most of us are obsessed with them. I have so many striped dresses and t-shirts and always buy more because they are just so easy to throw on and instantly make your outfit that little bit more interesting. And the other great thing about  stripes is that they are accessible – everyone from high street to designer has a version.

Truth be told when I first put this dress on I thought OMG I cannot wear this! It felt comfortable yes, but too comfortable…like I was about to leave the house in an oversized nightie. But I added some heels, swept my hair into a bun and suddenly it transformed into something that I absolutely loved. OK it still kind of looks like an oversized nightie, but one that somehow ticks all the boxes.

When you reach the 3rd trimester you feel huge. Regardless of what other people tell you or how you look in photos, you yourself feel big especially when you have to start doing military style rolls to get out of bed in the morning. But you have to embrace it and be able to see the humour in it. Or at least put on a pair of heels…I find putting in even the smallest effort makes me feel so much better. So an oversized comfortable dress with high heels is a winning combination for me.

Pregnant or not, a stripey dress is always a good investment and I have put together for you 10 of my favourites out right now. You know the drill – click on the links to buy. Wishing you all a lovely weekend x


The Great stripey dress – shop here

H&M striped dress – shop here

J.Crew ruffled bell-sleeve shift dress in stripe – shop here

Victoria Victoria Beckham striped cotton shirt dress – shop here

Topshop striped long sleeved midi dress by Boutique – shop here

Iris & Ink Daisy striped cotton mini dress – shop here

 M.I.H. Jeans Jesais breton stripe dress – shop here

House of Holland striped lacing dress – shop here

Zara striped tunic – shop here

Claudie Pierlot Rififi Rayee Dress – shop here

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