The Flare…

IMG_5495IMG_5487IMG_5482The  Fashion Bug’s Outfit: MiH flared jeans, Valentino shoes, Saint Laurent bag, ASOS coat and J.Crew sweater.

The Fashion Bug’s Story: So about a month ago I wore my first pair of Boyfriend jeans, and now I am experimenting with the flared jean. If you check out any style photos from current fashion weeks , you will see that flares are what its all about at the moment. Unlike the Boyfriend, I have owned and worn flared trousers before, but this spring/summer they are really making a comeback and I am fully embracing that. So far I have found that MiH do the flared jean particularly well but I am keen to find other brands too. The flared silhouette is very flattering on any shape especially when worn with a pair of heels!

The Fashion Bug’s Tips: Personally I love the darker washes as you can pair these with neutrals and get a lovely contrast. But they have a great pair in white for the summertime too.

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