Time For A Tea Dress

Topshop dress | Prada boots | Balenciaga jacket | Chanel bag

Happy Friday!

A friend of mine gave birth to a little baby girl yesterday and as I was waiting to hear news I saw a post on Instagram on The Grace Tales (an account I absolutely love btw and a must follow in my opinion) which really hit home. To summarise it was about how when you are having a baby everyone tells you to enjoy those precious newborn moments as they go so fast and even though it feels like time stops still, soon enough you will have a friend who gives birth and you will find yourself saying (whilst realising that your own baby has grown so much and is definitely not a newborn anymore) the same thing to your friend. My husband and I used to laugh so much when people would stop us in the street when Mila was first born and always say the same cliched thing – “enjoy those moments they grow up so fast!” I mean literally everyone. From the women with grown up 25 year old children to those who had babies only a little older than Mila was at the time. And now sure enough I find myself saying it to friends who have just had children. Like I actually cringe at myself for saying it but then its so true you cant help yourself. Hindsight is a funny thing isn’t it. Like OBVIOUSLY I cherished those moments at the time. They were heavenly. That baby smell and those cuddles. I loved every second of it. And every single day since has just been even more amazing. We used to stare in Mila in such awe every time she moved a muscle let alone yawned or sneezed or pulled a face. Now she is an actual person and does things that are ACTUALLY amazing such as babble and wave and stand and kiss. And I love her infinitely more now than I did back then because I actually know her and see a personality and I can interact with her. But still there is something so magical about newborn moments and I wonder if those that are mothers for the second or third or fourth time appreciate those newborn moments more because the second time around you really do know that those moments are fleeting and that you will never get them back?

Anyways what todays post is actually about is the little floral dresses that are popping up everywhere at the moment. Spring has well and truly gone into hibernation and I cannot believe its May its bloody freezing but I love this trend especially because you can get rid of the tights and keep wearing these dresses once it does warm up a little. And I have always loved the combination of wearing a girly floral dress with a pair of biker boots and leather jacket. I am so not a super girly girl which is why I love adding the leather as it gives it a bit of an edge. The boots and biker are not current season but both are wardrobe staples that I invested in and I am so glad I did because I wear both all the time.

I feel like there was something else that I wanted to share in todays post but that darn baby brain never goes away and has gotten the better of me so I hope it will come back to me for next week’s posts! Shop my favourite tea dresses below and enjoy your weekend everyone! xx

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