Travel Diary: Dubai

I’m wearing: Sammie Jo Coxon earrings | Alexis top

I’m wearing: Neve & Noor dress | Hermes sandals | Illesteva sunglasses

I’m wearing: Alexandra Miro swimsuit

I’m wearing: Self-Portrait dress | Chanel shoes

I’m wearing: J.Crew trousers (similar here) | Alexis top (now reduced) | Chanel shoes | Soru earrings

Im wearing: Neve & Noor bag | Gul Hurgel dress | Hermes shoes | Illesteva sunglasses

I’m wearing: Dodo Bar Or top | Miguelina shorts | Illesteva sunglasses.  Mila wears : Carrement Beau dress

I’m wearing Rhode Resort dress | Hermes sandals | Edit 58 bag | Illesteva sunglasses

I’m wearing A Piedi sandals | Illesteva sunglasses | Babyzen stroller | Goyard bag | Kisuii dress

I’m wearing Dodo Bar Or dress | Illesteva sunglasses | Hermes sandals

Good evening to all of you! It always takes a while to get out of holiday mode back into real life mode doesn’t it? I couldn’t quite bring myself to focus fully on work last week plus I had a bunch of different events to go to (can I just say how much I enjoyed talking at the Sheerluxe event and getting to meet some of you!) so I am only getting round to uploading the first batch of holiday photos now.

I LOVED Dubai. For some reason its never been top of my list. There are so many places I want to see in the world so I think in the back of my mind I always figured I will go to Dubai when I have children as everyone says its so child-friendly. Which it was. Seeing as Zika is now everywhere and we want to have more children it seems like Dubai will be a popular destination for us over the next few years! The hotels are amazing, its easy to get around, food is delicious and as its only a 6.5 hour flight from London its a place you could even go to for a long weekend. And its (pretty much) guaranteed sunshine. I say pretty much because apparently before we arrived they had a few weeks of unusually awful weather and we even got a little rain whilst there.

We stayed at The One & Only Palm and I have come to the realisation that I LOVE a bit of marble. Give me a marble staircase and I am guaranteed to love the hotel. Perhaps a little tacky but it looks great. The Guerlain spa was literally to die for – I had one of the best (and most painful) massages of my life there. We went out for dinner and lunch a fair bit. My favourite restaurant was La Petit Maison. Loved the atmosphere and the food. And my least favourite was Pier Chic. It was insanely overpriced and just not my kind of menu at all. But each to their own. I know a friend of mine loves it! And I loved Chiringuito although wasn’t a fan of the hotel it was part of. But who doesn’t love a little slice of Ibiza? Unfortunately we weren’t allowed in the fine dining restaurant at our hotel because they don’t allow babies but we were huge fans of the other restaurant 101 so we weren’t too bothered. I am not at a stage where I would feel comfortable leaving Mila with a random babysitter as she is still so small (not sure I will ever be comfortable with that actually?!) and as she is an easy baby we actually enjoy having her with us at night so I’ve never really felt restricted on holiday (thats not to say we always take her with us. I love going out for dinner with just my husband too but only in London where I can leave Mila with her nanny and actually enjoy myself rather than spend the evening worrying about whether or not she is ok.) We didn’t do a lot other than go for lunches and dinners and chill at the hotel to be honest. We had all these grand plans to see things like the Burj Khalifa and check out the malls but when we were there we decided that we just wanted to “be” and spend time with each other. The ONLY negative about our time in Dubai was that I found the Palm to be SO FAR AWAY from everything we did outside of the hotel. But saying that I loved the hotel and would stay there again.

And now onto the outfits. You know I love a bit of holiday dress up! I had purchased and been storing a few items that I couldnt WAIT to wear. Such as the Rhode Resort dress I stumbled across on Matches. I mean how gorgeous is the print?? They have this one too which is equally stunning but unfortunately they have sold out of the pink (I didn’t manage to get my hands on it either.) Avenue 32 is always great for special holiday pieces and I LOVE my beige tie front Dodo Bar Or top which can be worn just as easily in London as on the beach. Speaking of Dodo Bar Or, you all seemed to LOVE the long dress I wore and as the competition worked so well I have ANOTHER coming up this week with one of my favourite jewellery brands so watch this space! And speaking of jewellery all of mine this trip was either go-to brand Soru or from my latest find Sammie Jo Coxon. Other favourites included my Gul Hurgel dress – so glad I went for this its such a special piece and totally makes you feel like a princess – as well as the very simple but perfect for poolside lounging Kisuii dress. I found this gorgeous top from the US brand Alexis shortly before leaving and it is now discounted AND available in black too so take a look. You cant even see just how gorgeous the fabric is in the photos but it is ever so slightly sparkly which makes it such a perfect day-to-night holiday piece. I also took along some old favourites including my Self Portrait Azalea dress which I last wore on my mini-moon (2 years ago almost isn’t it just crazy how your wedding feels like a distant memory once you have a child?!) so it instantly brings back all those special memories as well as my Miguelina shorts which I’ve had for YEARS but go with everything and are always in my suitcase for beach trips. I took so many shoes with me but pretty much lived in my Hermes sandals and the gorgeous A Piedi x Rae Feather slides for the entire trip apart from a few nights out. And of course I had to get something from the lovely Lisa at Edit.58  – the personalised Fashion Bug and Baby Bug bags might be my favourite items from the holiday!

Shop all my favourites holiday pieces below xx

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