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Novella Royale dress | Saint Laurent heels | Edie Parker “Mrs Wills” clutch | Tada & Toy earrings

Happy Monday to all of you! Hope you enjoyed the weather over the weekend – how amazing was yesterday? Although saying that I am quite selfishly hoping for some cooler weather. I am the biggest sun-worshipper out there but being heavily pregnant in hot weather is not ideal. But I shouldn’t moan too much because I love summer fashion!

When it comes to maternity style, I like to keep my colour palette simple. I wear stripes and prints but most of the time these are quite subtle. I love combining white and gold and so immediately fell in love with this dress. I found it when I was looking for a dress for my baby shower and the combination of off-the-shoulder with the thigh split was an instant sell for me (so much so that I got it in black too!)

Dressing during pregnancy shouldn’t really differ from dressing at any other time – I really believe that you should be aware of what your best features are and show them off. I have slim legs and shoulders so I am always trying to find ways to expose these a little! You have to find what works for you but I would encourage all pregnant women to be brave in their choices and not to feel limited in what they can wear just because they are growing. Obviously the rules are a little different depending on what the nature of your job is, but simply put you have to work with your body. If for example you have a slim waist, then you should by all means wear a bodycon dress that shows this (and your bump!) off. If you have long legs, opt for oversized but short dresses that accentuate these. And a heel never hurts although obviously if you have back problems or swollen feet then steer clear of this piece of advice (I like to carry a pair of flats with me so even when I wear heels I always have the option to slip into something more comfortable if my feet get tired!)

Wishing you all a wonderful start to the week xx

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