White, White And More White…





Zara coat | Stella McCartney shoes | Iro jumper | J Brand jeans | Chanel bag | Illesteva sunglasses.

Ever since coming back from holiday, every time I pull an outfit out of my closet or buy something new it seems to be either grey, beige or white. Especially white. There is something both fresh and cosy about wearing whites in the winter time. If white jeans are your cup of tea, then there is absolutely no reason to pack them away after the summer. I wear mine with chunky knits and oversized coats all through winter. The only downside is that white isn’t exactly the most baby-friendly colour but so far I’ve been lucky that I haven’t had any major accidents whilst wearing white. I get so much joy out of choosing my outfits that I don’t think having a baby was ever going to stop me from getting dressed up every day!

Speaking of babies, Mila is almost 4 months. Having a baby is one of the biggest life-changing experiences you will ever go through. Or it certainly has been for me. I loved Mila ever since I first saw her on the screen at my 10-week scan, felt the first kick, saw her limbs moving around in my stomach during the later stages of my pregnancy. But I don’t think I truly knew what a mothers love was until I held her in my arms for the first time. I read this quote somewhere that says “making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body” and now that I have my own baby I truly understand the meaning of this. My mother still to this day constantly worries about my brother and I, and I always tell her to stop worrying. But I don’t think you ever do as a mother regardless of how chilled you are as a person. Or maybe worry is the wrong word. But you will always have this little person that is an extension of yourself that you love so dearly, always think about and only want the best for. Even when that little person is all grown up and has her own family.

Its amazing how you can see so much of your baby’s character at such an early stage. And Mila is such a character. She is a little lady who knows what she wants. She snorts (in the most unladylike but utterly charming way) when she is having a fit of giggles or a really good cry. She is a complete chatterbox but at the same time she is very independent and sometimes just wants to be left alone to play with her toys. She isn’t massively into cuddles (breaks my heart!) but she absolutely loves kisses especially on the mouth. She is a calm and easy baby and loves her routine. She rarely cries and seems to be happy and content with life. Apart from when something is actually wrong and she loses her cool. Then she is very dramatic. She looks exactly like my husband although we both also think she looks a bit like Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. Basically a little boy. But the prettiest boy I have ever seen. She is very touchy feely and loves to put her hands all over my face. She used to pull the best zoolander pout face which sadly she has now stopped doing, but instead has discovered her hands and has them in her mouth all the time. But this might be something to do with the fact that she is teething. She LOVES going into baths. But isn’t a fan of coming out of one. She is always happiest in the morning and perhaps I am a little bias but she has the most charming smile I have ever seen. I always wondered what she would be like when she was in my stomach but now that she is here I can’t imagine her being any other way. xxx

PS. I am loving collars at the moment – they are the perfect accessory to any outfit. This one is from one of my favourite lingerie brands Bordelle and you can see their selection here.

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