Winter Warmth




Good afternoon to all of you! I just returned from Mauritius and its incredible how energised you can feel after a good long break. People say you should travel when your baby is young. And this is so true. Mila was an absolute angel. I was slightly apprehensive as she started teething a few weeks ago and a couple of days before we left she had the mother of all meltdowns. She has been such a chiller from birth and made motherhood feel like a breeze for me but during her 6 hour outburst it felt like there was nothing I could do to soothe her. Its the saddest thing in the world to see your baby so unhappy and feel like you cant help. The next day I went to Peter Jones and bought every single teething toy on the market to help prepare for the long journey! But I didn’t even need them. She slept all the way there on the plane (apart from her usual wakeup at 2am) and all the way back. She didn’t seem to mind the heat (perhaps she was used to it after Ibiza!) and she even stuck to her routine most of the time. Spending 24/7 with her and my husband all together was just the dream. I will be posting more about our trip later this week.

Many of you were asking me about this jacket. Good news: it’s from Topshop and its available now! I absolutely love everything about it. The colour, the cut and the material. Its definitely the best faux fur I have ever come across and looks like its worth a lot more than its very reasonable £79. I used to really dislike faux fur but I think these days the quality can be excellent and they can almost look like they are made from real fur. So I’ve put together a lookbook for you below with all of my favourite pieces out now and you can shop them directly from the images. Enjoy your week everyone! x

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