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Happy Friday!

I wanted to do a post today for all the new mummies to be out there. And also a little for myself because even though I am doing this for the second time now there are still things that I need to buy! This post is all about newborn essentials. I have really tried to limit it to the “essentials” but obviously got a bit carried away and included a few extra bits too. I feel like I bought so many things I really didn’t need first time around so have a little bit of an idea this time of what I found really useful. So here we go (and if I have forgotten anything then blame my baby brain but I have deliberately left out nappies and wipes and anything else like that as thats just obvious!):

Pram: I would say this is really about personal preference. I love my Bugaboo so will probably stick to Bugaboo when I switch to the double buggy but I also love the Stokke pram and the look of the Mima pram. I would also highly recommend getting the Babyzen Yoyo if you intend on travelling. We have it and have found it so useful for all our trips.

Baby Carrier: I initially bought a Babybjorn carrier as this was the one I had heard of. However we switched to the Ergo Baby at the start of the year and it is SO much better. Comfortable for mummy and good for the baby.

Car Seat: To be honest we don’t use ours a lot because we don’t have a car. But its good to have anyways especially for when you leave the hospital and I have been very happy with my Maxi Cosi so I will use it for our second daughter too.

Bath Equipment: I think I own 3 bath seats for Mila which is ridiculous. Anyways I love this Angel Care one so highly recommend. A thermometer is good to have and you can get a cute customised bath robe or hooded towl.

Nappy Bag: I mostly use my Goyard. You can buy an organiser like I have from Tote Savvy here to go inside the nappy bag which means you can pretty much use any spacious tote of choice. But if you want an actual nappy bag Jem & Bea do great ones.

Feeding Equipment: It really depends how you intend on feeding your baby. I breastfed Mila but often expressed too and so I had bottles, a steriliser and a pump. If you want to exclusively breastfeed then there is no need.

Nappy Bin: Not absolutely necessary but I still got one and will use it again! This one is great.

And now for the fun things! 

Teething Toys: I would say there isn’t really a need for newborns for this but saying that Mila got teeth VERY early and now has almost all of her teeth. Lexy Plexy do really cool wooden toys (Chanel & Hermes bags etc) but I also love simple ones like this natural panda teether.

Swaddle Cloths: I cannot express how important these are. For everything. Swaddling. For clearing up mess. Using them as a breastfeeding cover. They are so versatile and I love the Aden & Anais metallics range.

Toys: Again not a huge need in the beginning (all they really want is cuddles, milk and sleep!) but its always worth getting few cuddly toys for the baby and any you want to decorate the nursery with. Love the huge oversized ones for the nursery like this one. The Oskoe Living baby gym is also great.

Love to Dream Swaddle: This is a great option if you want to swaddle your baby at night and during naps.

Blankets: A bit like swaddle cloths, they are SO useful. For the pram or just to wrap your baby in at home when you are feeding or cuddling. There are so many great ones out there but I love the Stella McCartney Bunny One as well as the My 1st Years one that can be personalised with your babies name.

Night Light: Always good to have a night light or table lamp so you can see when changing the baby etc in the evenings. Love the Big Bunny one you can find here.

A Few Onesies And A Few Pyjamas: Personally especially now that I will have a winter baby I love anything cashmere for the daytime. Obviously make sure your baby doesn’t get too hot but there are so many gorgeous onesies out there from brands such as Belle Enfant and Tartine et Chocolat (love this and this one.) For pyjamas I would stick to simple John Lewis or Little White Company ones.

Cot: I always feel like my big mistake first time around was not finding the perfect cot. I knew what I wanted I just couldn’t find it and so I ended up getting the same one which my sister-in-law has which is LOVELY and practical but just never really fitted in with Mila’s room. Second time around I know of so many more places to get a lovely cot and I love this one from Piccoli and also this one is pretty cute.

Cocoonababy: I didn’t have this first time around but definitely getting it for baby 2. I have heard such great things – you can easily transport the baby around the house and its supposed to be so comfy for them. Get it here. 

Baby Monitor: We bought the Angel Care One that had video, movement sensor and sound but we never ended up using the sensor. Its about what you prefer but I think a simple video/sound monitor like this one is fine.

Rattle: Always good to have a little something to distract/soothe your baby with and this rattle is super cute.

Nursery Deco: Again totally NOT ESSENTIAL in the beginning but I am starting to think about how I want to decorate the second nursery (plus I am still in the process of re-doing bits of Mila’s) so I am always coming up with ideas. A rocking horse is always lovely – I love simple minimal ones like this one and I have some of these simple clouds for Mila’s walls.

That’s really it! I haven’t included a rocker chair because I don’t think it’s essential especially in the beginning. Hope some of you found this helpful and I can’t wait to share progress of my new nursery once I start doing it! xx


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    • personally i prefer the larger tote just because its so great for travel etc BUT it does loose its shape more quickly. i have the smaller one in black as mill’s nappy bag and for that its the perfect size 🙂 xx